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Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000

MFD9K is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. It's a home-brew sandbox world, with a 24 year rich history in the making by previous adventures who have become both myth and legends, saints and deities.

This podcast mixes the rules from AD&D through to Next (5e). Using Theme's from all Realms of Sci-fi and Fantasy. It's also a big HOME BREW - and we welcome any content anyone wishes to let us play test for you! 

A father teaches his coming of age son how to Role Play with good close friends and a long time player of the DM's world.

Would you like to learn more about world building, perhaps hear other game systems being played to see if you may like it. Check out High Level Games. They are a Gaming network of bloggers and podcasters dedicated to helping you reach the next level in your games.


Hey guys, you can come check us out on Discord where we are trying stream our games live while recording them for you to hear later!

Come chat and listen. We have a place for DMs to get world building help or if you want to contribute ideas! You can run games, find Podcasting/Streaming help, and a 5e Fight Club!

Most all of our audio comes from Tabletop Audio

As well as some of the musical piece's, including our Intro by Kjee Music


If you have questions or comments feel free to email us (, drop by Facebook or hit us up on Twitter.

You can also find us on Giant in the Playground...we are looking to support all the Home-brewers who want their content heard!


Needing Help with Autism or just need a good book to read, check out Sasha George


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Oct 19, 2020's been quiet... the dusts are settling... the fog is on the wind, death is in the air... and the echoes of a bomb still heard...
Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather
Elladean Crowley - Bard - Alu-fiend: Played by Jason
Chisana -...

Jun 19, 2020

Last we left the group, poor Tenebris ended up being basically gutted (thanks, A'plex) while the green fog continues to wreck havoc in Tangea. Will this turn into a zombie blood bath or something more dire for the group, maybe even the whole town?

Mar 30, 2020

Group 2 finally get's back to town after finishing there mission to find out about the green fog/smoke that heading their way... however there is a big surprise awaiting them in town... as well as event's unfold that no one expected, not even the DM!!!!

Find out NOW on this...

Feb 4, 2020

We come back to our heroes on the hot trail to catch the ships. Will they make it in time to get the wood? Will Deek finally get paid? Let's find out!
Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather
Elladean Crowley - Bard - Alu-fiend: Played by...

Dec 24, 2019

After 3 failed bluffs... we find new friends and potential romance between party members. Listen to the most innocent thing finally have enough, and deal with the crisis of Life and Death... All of that action and more, on this episode of MFD9K!!!!!


Lilith Vinedancer - Nature Elf - Druid...