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Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000

MFD9K is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. It's a home-brew sandbox world, with a 20 year rich history in the making by previous adventures who have become both myth and legends, saints and deities.

This Podcast is set around 2nd edition Core rules (Thac0/Saves/Class creation) while working in rules from 3.5/D20/4/Next and so on. Using Theme's from all Realms of Sci-fi and Fantasy. It's also a big HOME BREW - and we welcome any content anyone wishes to let us play test for you! 

A father teaches his coming of age son how to Role Play with good close friends and a long time player of the DM's world.


Hey guys, you can now come check us out on Discord where we will stream our games live while recording them for you to hear later!

Come chat and listen. We have a place for DMs to get world building help or if you want to contribute ideas!

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If you have questions or comments feel free to email us (, drop by facebook or hit us up on Twitter.

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Apr 28, 2017

This time, our players find themselves recovering from getting Elladean back...but something happens within the party. A new face appears in the group and more of that civil unrest seems to be setting in on the group, as it seems Grugon is only farther and farther away

________________________ Cast...

Mar 3, 2017

The swamp air is getting thick without music in the air...The group tries to hunt down Elladean and see if they can free her from the Lizardmen who took her, all the while trying to deal with domestic issues


________________________ Cast Members _____________________________

Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Many...

Jan 4, 2017

This go around our Players find themselves confronted with Lizardmen and how they should deal with natives.


________________________ Cast Members _____________________________

Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Many styles) - Minatour: Played by Heather

Elladean Crowley - Bard - Human?: Played by Jason